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Information for clinicians

There are two ways you could be included on the DocDir directory. You have either been nominated by a member of the LGBTQ+ community, or you can self-nominate.

Nominated by community

If you have been nominated by an LGBTQ+ community member, congratulations! You will be added to the list with a recommendation for that subsection of the community (i.e. if a trans person nominated you, you will receive a recommendation for trans* clients). If you would like to be recommended for other subcommunities, we can recommend some training modules for you.

Self nomination

If you haven’t been recommended by a community member, you can apply to be on the directory. We will assess your suitability based on criteria that have been vetted by our LGBTQ+ consumer advisory groups, and we will get back to you to confirm. If you did not quite make the grade, we can help you find some suitable training to help you get up to speed.

Can I request to be removed from DocDir?

If you are on DocDir, and you wish to be removed, we can do that for you. We can do this as a temporary measure or permanently, but we would be sad to see you go. LGBTQ+ people have a difficult time finding clinicians who are understanding of their gender and sexuality, and your listing may be helpful to people who are in need of good quality healthcare. We know that many LGBTQ+ people avoid seeking healthcare for fear of discrimination. We hope to build a community of clinicians who can help alleviate this fear, and provide healthcare to vulnerable community.